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Church, State and Industry Foundation comes from the heart of James C. Pippenger, and was founded as a result of his life experiences. The first of these experiences, “A Wing and a Prayer” happened when he was an aircraft commander of a B-24 bomber in World War II.

Pippenger and his crew aboard the Silver Chief - 032 lived through the meaning of these words on December 25, 1944. After a bombing run into Germany, enemy anti-aircraft flak caused the plane to lose 2 engines, forcing an emergency landing in Belgium. Even though the fuselage was riddled with holes, none of the 10 crew member was injured. When “Pip” realized the miraculous nature of what had just happened he said: “Gather under the wing boys, we’re going to have a prayer.”

The second series of experiences happened during his 45-year business life, which took him to Venezuela, where he was in the manufacture, import and export business of machine parts. His business required him to learn 4 languages, while traveling extensively throughout the world to serve the many relationships from varied cultures.

Pip observed, “Everywhere in the world I have been where something good has happened or is happening, God and Godly people have been leading. It is my desire to facilitate and place chaplains in the leadership of churches, governments and industries.”

Mr. Pippenger passed away in 2011.